Friday, April 5, 2019

Happy National Poetry Month

MT. PLEASANT, Mich -- April is National Poetry Month! This 30-day celebration of literary excellence was inaugurated by the Academy of American in 1996. Over the years it has become the largest literary celebration in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, and booksellers honoring poetry's vital place in our culture through events, readings, publishing essays, and more! In honor of the wonderful poets throughout history who have changed the course of literature, we present our list of favorite poets! 


Bishop was a notorious perfectionist, and therefore did not publish a large amount of work throughout her life, but her complete collection is cherished by her many fans. She was fortunate enough to inherit money from her father, and ended up never having to work, but instead spent her life traveling and her poems are filled with precise, vivid images of the places and experiences she encountered. 


The king of horror didn't just write short stories, he turned out some beautiful and macabre poetry as well. "The Raven" is probably one of his better-known works, but he also wrote a fair amount of beautiful love poems, including "A Dream Within a Dream" and "Anabel Lee". 


One of the most dynamic and admired poets of the 20th century, Sylvia Plath had an enormous literary following by the time she took her own life at the age of 30. Her work focused on her obsessions with despair, violent emotion, and death. Intensely autobiographical, her work explores her troubled marriage, her unresolved conflicts with her parents, and her own vision of herself. 


An award-winning spoken word poet and author, Shane Koyczan has made huge strides in making poetry accessible to a digital audience through his video performances. He is known for writing about issues like cancer, bullying, eating disorders, and more. He is most famous for his anti-bullying poem "To This Day" that went viral on social media a few years back and has over 20 million views on Youtube. 


An American poet and activist, Andrea Gibson is an American Poet and activist from Maine. Her works center on issues like gender norms, politics, social reform, and the struggles that the LGBTQ community faces. She is the first woman to ever win the Women of the World Poetry Slam in Detroit, and has won numerous other awards for her several volumes of poetry. 


A Nobel Peace Prize-winning poet and diplomat, Pablo Neruda's work has long been cherished by his fans for its variety. He wrote about the beauty of South American scenery, love, politics, and more. Unfortunately, much of his work was destroyed upon his death due to a riot taking place around his funeral. 


One of the greatest and most well-known American poets of all time, Emily Dickinson is honored for her experimentation with conventional literary restraints and crafted a new type of persona for the third person. Her speakers are sharp-sighted observers who see the inescapable limitations of society, as well as their escapes. Her life was full of tragedies and the influence of these heartbreaks is clearly visible in her work, making her an excellent read for anyone undergoing a grieving or healing process. 


An American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil-rights activist, Maya Angelou is undoubtedly one of the most beloved writers of all time. Although she is probably better known for her fiction and her autobiographical works, her poetry is not to be ignored. Her work "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" is probably one of the most easily recognized works of poetry every written, and has given hope to many people during hard times. 

We hope you enjoyed our list of our favorite poets, we know that there are so many amazing writers we didn't mention, but we're celebrating them this month as well. Who are some of your favorite poets? 

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