Monday, October 24, 2016

Last Minute DIY Office Halloween Decorations

MT PLEASANT, Mich., –– It’s almost Halloween! Did it slip your mind to decorate your desk at work this year? Fear not, it’s never too late to spookify your office, desk, or work space with easy last minute DIY Halloween decorations. Try some of low-maintenance ideas that will impress your co-workers and will surely help you win the office decoration contest!

Balloon and Streamer Spider

Last Minute DIY Office Halloween Decorations

This one is a classic! You’ll need a black balloon and streamers to pull this creepy crawler off. First, start by taping the black streamers to an elevated surface (the ceiling even works!) Remember to give them a tiny bit of slack to make the legs seem realistic. Then, blow up the balloon and tape it to the middle of the legs. You can even glue some googly eyes on the spider if you want to give him a little more personality!

Jack-O-Lantern Faces

Last Minute DIY Office Halloween Decorations

Use colored paper, paper plates, streamers and other any other crafts you may need to create a jack-o-lantern, ghost, or monster face on any of the surfaces (doors, walls, cabinets) in your office. 

Paper Bats

Last Minute DIY Office Halloween Decorations
Last Minute DIY Office Halloween Decorations

The same idea as paper snowflakes! Fold black construction paper in half (hamburger style) and trace half of the bat on the paper with the middle of the bat being on the folded edge. Google some cartoon bat images if you need some help in the artist department. Then cut out the bat. The fold even make it seems as though the wings are flapping! Make a number of these and tape them so they appear to be flying up your wall.

Milk Jug Ghosts

Last Minute DIY Office Halloween Decorations

Wash out a used milk jug for this ghoulish decoration! You can use black construction paper and tape or just a marker to craft the eyes and mouth of your ghost. Then, cut a small hole in the back of the jug, allowing you to place a battery operated teapot candle or run old Christmas lights through it to illuminate your new spectral desk-mate. Also, we recommend making him a couple of friends as well. These guys look spookier in groups!

P.S. You can always substitute paper bags for the milk jugs if you have them more readily available.  

Printable Skeletons

Last Minute DIY Office Halloween Decorations

For those of you who really want to go the path of least resistance, we suggest using a printable skeleton template. Print this guy off and cut him out to make a bone-chilling decoration that will have your co-workers marveling at the craftsmanship.  Use anything from split pins to tape to connect the bones.

We hope our last minute DIY office Halloween decorations ideas help. Also, when in doubt, just put out a bowl of candy. That tends to be a crowd pleaser. 

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