Wednesday, August 22, 2018

5 Reasons You Should Have Your Vehicle Serviced at a Dealership

Owning a car is a big responsibility. Like any machine, they need to be properly cared for in order to continue running at their best. Unless you’re a hardcore gearhead, however, you probably aren’t going to be performing routine maintenance yourself, and even if you are it helps to have a trusted resource to consult should you need to do so. The question is: who do you choose?

A dealership service center and your local mechanic have their own pros and cons. However, for the sake of this article, we’re going to be focusing on the important reasons why a dealership like Graff Mt. Pleasant is the best place to have your car serviced.


One of the biggest reasons the dealership wins over the local mechanic is the training provided. Automotive manufacturers offer specialist training through their network of dealerships, meaning that the technicians employed by a service center have expert knowledge of the performance of that particular line of vehicles, and thus know how and when they should be repaired. This training is often ongoing, meaning that dealership technicians are constantly kept up to date on the latest engineering and technologies released by the manufacturer.



Dealership technicians almost exclusively work on the make of vehicle sold by the dealership, granting them a higher degree of experience than an independent mechanic who may work on a particular brand here and there.



When it comes to the quality of tools used, dealership service centers certainly have a leg up over local mechanics. In addition to manufacturer-provided assistance with start-up costs and equipment, dealerships receive priority over anyone else when new service tools and specifications are developed, making them better equipped to handle service issues as engineering and technology are updated with each new model.

Dealer facilities also tend to be cleaner and better organized than a mechanic shop, which not only bodes well for the condition of your vehicle once you get it back, but also for you as most dealerships feature things like waiting rooms, complimentary drinks and snacks, television, and even Wi-Fi to make the wait more bearable.


Another benefit to having your car serviced at a dealership are warranties. Both local mechanic shops and dealerships offer warranties for the work they perform, but the advantage definitely rests with the dealership. Within your vehicle’s warranty period, any repairs or routine maintenance are covered free of charge. Although, should you have to have service performed outside of a warranty, a dealership can back up their work with a warranty that is honored nationwide. That way, if a repair doesn’t hold, you can have it fixed at any other dealer at no cost to you.

Local mechanics, on the other hand, may only offer very limited warranties or only cover labor or parts, but never both. If you travel a lot or move, their warranty may also be worthless elsewhere, leaving you to foot a potentially hefty bill when you could have just visited one of the many dealerships in the network and had it done for free.



As representatives of the brand and the fact they have to pay the manufacturer to operate under their banner, dealerships have a significant advantage over local mechanics in the customer satisfaction department. Independent shops are free to run their business however they want and thus, depending on the character of ownership, are not held to the same strict corporate standards as are dealerships. If you have a bad experience at a local shop, your complaints run the risk of being overlooked as they answer to no superior entity. Dealership service centers, however, are policed by customer surveys and the open line of communication we have with the manufacturer itself (i.e. the one who keeps them employed).

While it tends to be a matter of preference and convenience, this article highlights some advantages to having your car serviced at a dealership rather than a local mechanic. It may not be for everyone, but dealership service centers have some important perks that make them a valid resource for drivers. Schedule a service appointment with Graff Mt. Pleasant today!

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