Friday, January 25, 2019

Winter Car Hacks That Will Save Your Life

MT. PLEASANT, Mich -- Michigan winters are, well, they're something else. Let's put it that way. Snow one day and rain the next, unpredictable temperatures...we'll venture to say that everyone who survives one of our bipolar cold seasons deserves a medal. All that back and forth can create dangerous driving conditions, and can even negatively affect your vehicle. We understand the specific issues and annoyances you have to deal with as a Michigan driver in the winter. Because we have to deal with them too. In order to help us all out, we did a little research and compiled a few tips and tricks that will save your life over the next few months. Have some winter car hacks of your own? Share them with us! Leave a comment here, or drop a line on our Facebook or Twitter, we love hearing from you!

  • Clean Your Windshield With Shaving Cream - Did you know that shaving cream contains some of the same active ingredients as defogger? Coat the insides of your car windows with the cream, and then wipe them clean. Bye-bye fog!
  • Wrap Your Side Mirrors in Plastic Bags - If you don't own a garage, it can be difficult to keep your windows snow and ice-free. To prevent your side mirrors from getting frosty, wrap them in plastic bags. When you're ready to drive slide them off and admire your perfectly clear windows. 
  •  Use Hand Sanitizer on Your Keys - When temperatures get really low, car locks can freeze, causing your keys to get stuck. Avoid this annoying situation by coating your keys in a little hand sanitizer. The alcohol will melt the ice, and you won't have to figure out how to get your keys out of the door. WD-40 works as well.
  • Throw a Rug Over Your Windshield - After you've parked your car, place an old rug, carpet, or tarp over your windshield to prevent snow and ice from sticking to it. No more scraping your car for 15 minutes while you're not wearing gloves!
  • Put Old Socks Over Your Windshield Wipers -Many of you already prop up your windshield wipers before a winter storm to keep them from sticking to the glass. Go one step further by placing old socks over each blade to prevent ice buildup. 
  • Use Cooking Spray on Your Car Doors - Want to avoid that cold tug-of-war between you and the car door that's iced shut? The night before a snowfall, coat the outside rubber edges of the doors, then wipe them clean. The spray will act as a lubricant and will prevent ice from forming.
  • DIY Ice Scraper - While we all should keep a high-quality ice scraper in our vehicle, an old credit card will work in a pinch. A plastic spatula can get the job done as well...just make sure you don't use a metal one! 
  • Fast Headlight Fix - During the dark and snowy winter months, having bright, working headlights is essential to your safety, as well as your fellow drivers. If your covers could use a cleaning cover them in a layer of toothpaste and let sit for a minute or two. Wash off and Voila! 
  • Get Un-Stuck Fast - Getting stuck somewhere, while agitating, is often unavoidable, but before you call the tow-truck, try these simple hacks. Pour a layer of kitty litter under your tires, it will give your tires something to grip on to and improve your chances of getting out of that snowbank. Or, pull out your car mats and place them down in the snow, in front of your tires. They'll provide more traction and help your car get moving. 

We hope you found these tips helpful. Have any great winter car hacks of your own? Tell us! Maybe we'll feature them in a part 2! 

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