Tuesday, January 8, 2019

6 Indoor Plants that Anyone Can Grow

MT. PLEASANT, Mich -- If you're in possession of a black thumb, but have always wanted to spruce up your home with some indoor plants, all is not lost. While you could opt for greenery of the plastic variety, don't give up on the idea of bringing some real-life plant babies home. There's plenty of great flora options that anyone can grow, and are *almost* impossible to kill. We hope these adorable little guys inspire you to give gardening a second shot, or if you're an avid plant parent, to bring some new ones home! 


This precious little succulent, once called the money plant is thought to bring good luck to their owners, which made them a popular housewarming gift. To keep your jade plant alive and well, make sure that it gets at least four or more hours of sunlight per day, the best way to achieve this is to place it in a room with a south-facing window. During the spring and summer, water it often to ensure the soil is always moist, but not wet. Reduce watering to monthly in the water. Ensure it's potted in succulent or a cacti mix soil, and kept in a temperature ranging from 50-70 degrees. Jade plants are known for their ease of propogation, so if you're looking for a cheap way to always have cute gifts on hand, this is the plant for you. 


If you're a beginning houseplant gardener, the fascinating and beautiful lucky bamboo plant is the perfect guinea pig. Oddly enough, the plant actually isn't bamboo at all, it's a member of the Dracaena family, and is only labeled bamboo because of the woody quality of it's stems. To keep your lucky bamboo pulling in good fortune, ensure that it's in an area full of bright light. It does not do well in direct, hot sunlight, but most plant experts say a north-facing window is a good home for this little guy. Make sure the plant's roots are fully covered in distilled or purified water, and switch it out every 2 months or so. Some plant experts say it's unnessescary to use fertilizer, but if you feel the need to, there's one called Super Green formulated specifically for Lucky Bamboo growing in water. Make sure you brush the leaves off every so often with a soft brush as well, this will keep dust from collecting and clogging up the plant's pores. 


Aloe Vera is the perfect kitchen companion, as the gel that collects within the stalks is excellent for treating burns. They require very little care, and you can feel good knowing that this plant will not only improve the aesthetics of your home, it serves a purpose as well. Keep it in a bright window, so it can soak up maximum sunshine, water it only when the leaves feel dry or brittle, and make sure that the water drains out. It should be planted in a succulent or cacti mix soil, and like the majority of succulents, fertilizer is not necessary. 


Peace lilies are extremely popular houseplants, due to their beauty and easy care routine. These plants are tropical and evergreen, so they need dappled sunlight and consistent moisture. Pot them with a well-draining, all-purpose potting soil, and repot annually in the spring. Do not overwater, but keep the soil consistently moist. Peace lilies are also extremely sensitive to chemicals, so make sure you use distilled or filtered water. They plants thrive in high humidity, so give the leaves regular misting, or place them on top of a tray of wet gravel. Due to their tropical origins, they do best when kept in a temperature of 70 degrees or above, do not keep in direct sunlight, but ensure their home is in a well-lit area. Peace lilies are extremely poisonous, so make sure to keep them away from pets and children.


You couldn't kill this plant if you tried! It's a slow grower, but their care is easy as can be. They do well in low light or bright light, and only need water when their soil is very dry. They look so green and sturdy, that they are often taken for artificial plants, so even if you give them a fair amount of neglect, they'll still look on point. The ZZ plant is poisonous, so if you have children, dogs or cats, make sure that you keep it well out of reach.


If you're someone in possession of a black thumb, the word bonsai, probably spikes a tiny bit of fear in your heart. But don't worry, juniper bonsai trees are actually extremely hardy and durable. They need only moderate to direct light and require very little water, as their roots don't like wetness, but you can mist the leaves to give them a little rejuvenation. They will need a slight amount of pruning throughout the growth season, and should be repotted once every two years. 

We hope this blog inspires you to bring some new greenery into your life! Plants are great for helping to beat those winter blues. Was there a plant we mentioned that you're interested in? Or were there any easy-care plants we missed? Comment and let us know!

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