Thursday, January 31, 2019

Surviving This Gig Called Winter

MT. PLEASANT, Mich -- Winter is in full swing, and so far this year's weather has been harsh, none to say the least. Severe winter weather poses numerous health and safety concerns, and in order to make it to the other side intact, making sure you're prepared for any and all situations is key. Here are a few of our favorite Michigan winter survival hacks to help you get through the snowy season as warmly and safely as possible. 

  • Let Some Sunshine In: While we are inching closer to the spring equinox, with a little extra light each day, the gray, winter days of Michigan can be pretty depressing. Seasonal Affective Disorder is definitely a real thing, and the best way to beat it is to make sure you get as much sunshine into your day as possible. Open the shades, and let those rays hit your face! 
  • Point Your Car East: Clearing snow off your car in the morning can be a major hassle, but parking your car in an Eastern direction creates less work for you. When the sun rises in the morning, the rays will warm your windshield and begin to melt the snow on top. Even if it doesn't completely disappear, the warmth will soften up the ice and flakes, making whatever is left, easier to remove. 
  • Spray Your Shovel With Cooking Spray: Clearing off the sidewalk/driveway at your home or office is not a fun activity. Make it easier by spraying the scoop of your shovel with non-stick cooking spray before you start digging. This will prevent snow from sticking to the shovel and make the entire process less time-consuming. 
  • Weatherproof Your Home: Ensure that your home is ready for the cold season by giving it a little weatherproofing makeover. Insulate all walls, doors, and windows, as well as any water lines that run along exterior walls. Have your entire HVAC system inspected by a professional to make sure that all your units are clean, performing efficiently, and don't need any serious repairs - having your furnace break down during a Michigan winter is no joke! Make sure your pantry is stocked with necessities in case you get snowed in, and that you have plenty of emergency items like battery-powered flashlights, extra blankets, and a first-aid kit on hand.
  • Forget Fashion: We all love to look our best, but during the winter months, leave those cute high heels and army jackets in the closet where they belong. Layer, layer, layer. Leave your cotton pieces for the winter months and dress in wool or synthetic materials that wick moisture away from the skin. Invest in a quality pair of long underwear and pair them with outer layers of fleece and wool for maximum warmth. Waterproof shoes are a great investment as well. 
  • Warm Up With Hot Water Bottles: We've all suffered from cold toes at one point or another in the winter. Warm up with a hot water bottle! While you can purchase specially-made bottles for this purpose, using what you have on hand works too! Nalgene products work particularly well as they won't break open or leak. Just pour in some hot water, seat it tight, and give your toes something warm to cuddle during the long, cold nights ahead. 
  • Lather Up to Prevent Frostbite: No matter how well you bundle up, there's still going to be parts of your face exposed to the unforgiving wind. When exposed to temperatures below zero, even 20 minutes out in the cold can result in a case of good ole' frostbite. Protect your skin from the cold by lathering your exposed areas in vaseline or baby oil. It sounds gross, but it works!
  • Dry Out Wet Shoes Fast: No matter how hard you try to keep your feet dry, eventually, some moisture will find a way in. Prevent yourself from having to deal with wet shoes the next time you head outdoors by stuffing them with newspapers. They'll absorb all the wayward water and your shoes will be nice and dry the next time you head out into the elements. 
  • Exercise: Nothing gets your body temperature up like a little bit of exercise! Don't feel like heading out to the gym? Get active in your living room instead? There's a host of awesome and free workout videos on Youtube to get your blood moving. 
We hope you found these winter survival hacks helpful. Do you have any favorite winter tips and tricks that we missed? Comment and let us know! Stay safe and be warm out there! 

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