Saturday, January 13, 2018

Winter Car Care and Routine Maintenance Tips From Graff Mt Pleasant

MT. PLEASANT, Mich., –– Winter in Michigan is about as harsh on your car as anywhere in the country! Freezing cold temperatures, icy roads, and corrosive road salt are among the many elements of winter's assault on your vehicle's performance and your safety on the road. The problem with the inclement weather in Michigan isn't just that it's tough to handle but also that it's unpredictable and can come at any time. So there is no "safe" time during the winter months to put off maintenance on your vehicle. Most of its components will be adversely affected by the cold temperatures and snowfall. We at Graff Chevrolet and Graff Buick GMC Cadillac of Mt. Pleasant want to keep you safe out on the road during this season, and that starts with providing superior service and information on the vehicle components that are the most critical to your vehicle's ability to handle the cold weather and the slippery and unforgiving driving conditions. By reading our Winter Car Care and routine maintenance tips from Graff Mt. Pleasant, you can learn how to keep yourself safe and your vehicle in proper working condition throughout the snowy months.

Winter Car Care vehicle components:

  • Tires - Perhaps the most critical piece to keeping your vehicle in control on snowy, slushy, slippery roads. Read our tire pages to learn how not only wear, but tire inflation and pressure can seriously affect your driving capability and handling and why upgrading to a set of winter tires may just be the best course of action.
  • Batteries - Cold temperatures slow the chemical reaction in your battery which creates the energy needed to start your vehicle, and could leave you unable to turn your car on. Additionally, if your battery is old it will have an even tougher time getting going on a chilly morning. Our experienced technicians run a simple diagnostic test to see if it's time to get a new battery to help brave the freezing temps.
  • Brakes - You never want to be the car that slides into the ditch on the side of the road, or into an intersection. Get your brakes checked and replaced at our Graff Mt. Pleasant Service Center to ensure that you have the proper stopping capability. 
  • Oil Changes - In general, your oil needs to be changed regularly. But like your battery, your vehicle's oil is greatly impacted by cold temperatures, making it less effective at keeping your engine components from overheating and warping. 
  • Wiper Blades - Your ability to see the road in front of you is crucial this time of year, especially if snow or other precipitation is falling. Your safety is too important to try and make it through the winter with a set of wiper blades that are broken or not functioning properly.

So make your safety on the roads this winter your highest priority by completing your Winter Car Care routine at Graff Mt. Pleasant. Learn which components are most important, need upkeep, and how to tell from home that they are in need of replacement. Or, schedule your appointment today to meet with ASE Certified technicians at Graff Chevrolet or Graff Buick GMC Cadillac!

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