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5 Things To Know About Sharing The Road With Motorcycles

5 Things To Know About Sharing The Road With Motorcycles

MT. PLEASANT, Mich. – May is motorcycle safety awareness month! As summer quickly approaches more motorists are taking to the road. Motorcycles are a popular means of transportation, yet after the winter season it seems we tend to forget to be aware of them. To make sure everyone is driving safely we put together our 5 things to know about sharing the road with motorcycles

Take a look at they 5 ways you can keep yourself and motorcycle drivers safe on the road:

1) Always predict motorcyclists are closer than they appear. It can be difficult to judge the distance and speed of a motorcycle while on the road. When you want to safely maneuver around a motorcycle it is always best to predict that they are much closer to you than they may be. This will give you and the motorcycle the ability to safely pass, or switch lanes around each other.

2) Be aware of the motorcyclists position in the lane. Motorcyclists continuously adjust their position in the lane when they are driving. This can be due to debris, potholes, wind, etc. They do this for a purpose. It is best to be aware and understand that a motorcycle can change their position so you are prepared and alert when driving behind or in front of one.

3) Allow more following distance behind the motorcycle. Even though the stopping distance for motorcycles is about the same for cars, it can be even more difficult in slippery road conditions. It is best to keep a further distance when following a motorcycle than a car or truck. A good way to remember is the “4 second rule”. Leave 4 seconds of driving distance between you and the motorcycle at all times. This will give you more time to prepare for any unexpected things to happen. 

4) Check your blind spots often! Due to the size of motorcycles, they can easily slip into blind spots without you even knowing it. Before you change lanes, check your blind spots and rearview mirrors more than once.

5) Look twice for motorcycles! When you are stopped at an intersection it is easy to look both ways and then continue driving on. But most of the time drivers are looking for other cars and trucks. When you come to a full stop look twice in both directions of oncoming traffic because motorcyclists can be difficult to find further away. A simple way to stay safe is to always look twice, especially when making left turns.

During the summer seasons motorcycles are much more common on the road. When you follow our 5 things to know about sharing the road with motorcycles you will not only be a safer driver, but you can save lives. Remember to keep your eyes open and be prepared for the unexpected. If you want a vehicle with top safety features than stop by Graff Chevrolet Mt. Pleasant and test-drive a 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. With safety features like OnStar, Forward Collision Alert, and Side Blind Zone Alert you can know about where objects are at all times. Contact our professional sales team for more information.

To keep your vehicle performing safely and efficiently on the road, visit our Seasonal Maintenance page. We can give you tips and tricks to get your vehicle running correctly during the warmer months. Our Spring Car Care page will teach you all about the importance of tires, fluids, and more. You can even get a few tips on spring-cleaning your interior and exterior. To schedule an appointment for your seasonal maintenance contact our service center today. Stay safe this summer season and remember to share the road!

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