Tuesday, October 9, 2018

An Indie Top Five That You'll Totally Fall For

MT. PLEASANT, Mich -- Fall is such a magical season, a cool interlude, between the sweltering summer and harsh Michigan winter. Innately nostalgic, it haunts us with wonder, engenders the desire for simple comforts, and inspires deep reflection. Nietzsche called it "The season of the soul". At Graff Mt. Pleasant we believe every season and occasion deserves a bomb playlist, so we've gathered a few haunting indie ballads that embody the melancholy energy of the fall. Whether you're chilling by a bonfire or taking a scenic drive, these tracks are sure to set the perfect Autumn mood.


Known for their "knotty, poetic lines" Future Islands is one of the lucky few to catapult to the top tier of Indie music. This song is revered as one of their most successful by fans and critics alike for its deep, heart-wrenching vocals, plinky synth lines, and universal lyrics. It's a track about a man with his heart on the line, and cutting your losses and moving on. What could be more fall? The release of one season, the waiting for another to begin. 


Iron and Wine is another of the Indie scene's great success stories, with their songs appearing in countless films, TV shows and commercials. Classic and warm, their tracks are full of restrained imagery and offer a bitter, yet longing, perspective on memory, love, and nostalgia. "Cinder and Smoke" describes a conflict between a desire for the way life used to be, and the strange freedom that accompanies loss. With a soft, haunting melody and beautiful lyricism this is a folky track that's the perfect accompaniment to a scenic, Autumn stroll. 


Unlike their Indie contemporaries, Head and the Heart have released a solid folk and Americana  portfolio over the years while receiving much less than their deserved praise in return. "Another Story" was a cathartic project for Head and the Heart as they struggled to come to terms with the events of the Newtown shootings. Melodically stunning, this bitter and brutally honest musing over the unchanging nature of the world is surprisingly up-lifting. 


This virtually unknown trio pumps out some of the most decadent, perfectly-synced harmonies we've ever heard. It's dessert for your ears...seriously. With rare songwriting, comprised of gut-wrenching lyrics, and soft, tinkling melody, their albums are a painfully gorgeous example of the raw talent that exists outside the mainstream music scene. "Everything Looks Better in Hindsight"  is more than just an artsy breakup song, it's a study in the effects of loss, and a careful inquiry into the fragility of memory. This haunting tune is sure to become one of your favorites, it's the perfect accompaniment to a crisp Autumn morning, or a solid choice for your bonfire playlist. 


One of the most well-known and widely appreciated bands in the folk scene, The Avett Brothers have played just about every major music festival, and have a portfolio that includes 12 albums in addition to hundreds of covers. "Laundry Room" contains all the components for an essential Avett Brothers track: stellar lyricism, gorgeous harmonies and a totally kicking, bluegrass breakdown. A time machine back to the enthralling moments of our first love, the verses take us through snapshots of some of the most universally relateable memories: rebelling against our parents to be with someone we loved, and obsessing over the object of our affections. A song with a deep, meditative intro and a jam-worthy conclusion, this is the perfect barn party track. 

Did you like our picks? Let us know what your favorite fall tunes are!

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