Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

MT. PLEASANT, Mich.,–– Michigan winters can be quite perilous and create dangerous roads for drivers of all experience levels. While there's no real way to avoid driving until springtime, you can follow a few rules and suggestions to keep yourself out of harm's way on the road. So read our winter driving tips to keep you safe this year!

Winter Driving Tips to Keep you Safe

Clean Off Your Vehicle

Before you even start driving, it is extremely important to clean all the snow and ice off of your vehicle's windshield, windows, headlights, and brake lights. Clear visibility while driving is crucial to your safety while driving out on winter roads and to the safety of other drivers. We can't tell you how often we see somebody trying to drive to work in the morning while looking through a tiny little hole they cleared in the ice on their windshield. Simply put, that is not safe, and you should never do it. Take the time to clear off your windshield and other windows.

Drive Slowly

May seem like a no-brainer, but driving slow is the number one way to stay safe on the roads this winter. It allows you to have more time to brake, react to other vehicles, and will lessen the impact of any uncontrolled steering.

Give More Space Between Vehicles 

This tip is under the same category as driving slower, but it is uniquely important all the same. Allowing for double or even triple the amount of distance you would normally give between you and the vehicle in front of you is important on snowy roads. In fact, the recommended that the normal dry pavement following distance of three to four seconds should be increased to eight to ten seconds in snowy conditions. The added space allows you more time to react to their movements and stop if need be.

Don't Brake Abruptly

Putting your foot down hard on the brake pedal is not a wise choice this winter. Instead, if you need to stop, slowly apply the brake. This way your wheels will slow their rotation in a controlled manner before coming to a complete stop. A hard stop will make your tires lose their grip on the road and slip.

No Sharp Turns

Make slow, wide, and deliberate turns on poor road conditions to maintain control of your vehicle. Sharp or fast turns through intersections or elsewhere can cause your vehicle to fishtail, swinging the back of the car out of control.

Do Not Use Cruise Control

Cruise control is normally a helpful tool, but it can be extremely dangerous to use during winter. Let's say you're driving on the highway or just a normal road with cruise control activated. If your vehicle slides on some ice, slush, or snow and your wheels may be facing a different direction. The cruise control will then keep you acceleration on your new, accidental path potentially hurdling you into off the road, into a ditch, or maybe even into oncoming traffic.

Winter Car Care

The best way to ensure your vehicle is up to the task of winter driving is by completing our Winter Car Care maintenance routine. During freezing temps your vehicle's internal components can become compromised, crack, break, or become disabled. It's also important to get your vehicle's battery, tire pressure and tread, heating, and other components before the winter fully sets in.

Watch the Weather

Keep an eye on the weather channel or other meteorology services for what is headed your way. If possible, it is always advisable to avoid driving during snowstorms or in other poor road conditions.

Practice in a Parking Lot

The best way to become comfortable and skilled at winter driver is to practice. Find an empty parking lot with some snow and ice that you can practice turns, braking, and more so that you're prepared for anything out on the road.

Stay safe this winter by following our driving tips to let your vehicle handle best on the snow and ice while avoiding any accidents. If you're worried about you and your passenger's well being out on the road, in general, we recommend reading up on Chevrolet's new advanced safety features available on most new 2018 Chevy models. Features like the Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Keep Assist Technology, Forward Safety Awareness, and more can help make driving a much safer and more relaxing endeavor.

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