Monday, May 8, 2017

How to Get Through Pothole Season in Michigan

How to Get Through Pothole Season in Michigan

MT. PLEASANT, Mich.,––We can all agree that our roads are not in the best shape in Michigan. Even though they're not in ideal shape, we still need to use them to get where we need to be, and that can mean risking damage to your car. Because it's Spring, and the weather has been moving in between warm and cold, potholes seem to be almost everywhere. There are some things you can do and tips you can follow that'll help you survive without car damage. Here's how to get through pothole season in Michigan:

1. Slow Down 

This is a great tip from Chevrolet. One of the best things you can do is to avoid driving on potholes all together, but it's not always plausible with other traffic, pedestrians, etc. If you do have to hit a pothole, try to slow down as much as possible to deafen the blow.

2. Scan the Road

If you can safely do so, continue scanning the road ahead as you're driving to spot potential potholes. Many times rain or collected water on the road can cover a pothole, making it look like an innocent puddle. When you're scanning the road, look for puddles, cracks, and other rough patches where a pothole might pop up.

3. Make Sure Your Tires Are Ready

You want your tires to be ready for any sort of situation, including potholes. Following regular tire maintenance, like keeping your tires properly inflated, having your tires regularly rotated, and checking for damage, is great for fuel efficiency, even tire wear, and your safety. Overinflated AND under inflated tires can rupture more easily than a properly inflated tire during a pothole hit.

4. Be Prepared & Take Action

This is another great tip from Chevrolet to survive pothole season. Being prepared means, having the equipment for a tire change in your car and knowing what damage to look for if you do hit a pothole. Potholes can damage more than just your tires, so make a note to inspect your wheels, exhaust, and alignment, or have us a Graff Mt. Pleasant check for you. Additionally, if you notice large potholes, take action and report them to the city or road commission in your area so they can be filled sooner than later!

We know potholes are a major pain to deal with in Michigan, but hope these tips can help you master avoiding them. If you need more help getting through pothole season in Michigan, Graff Mt. Pleasant is here to assist. We have great deals on tires and auto service throughout the year, and a experienced team for your tire rotation, tire replacement, and alignment needs. You can conveniently schedule your appointment online at either of our locations, grab service coupons online, and check-in on Facebook for a discount on a front-end alignment or oil change. For more Spring Car Care tips, see our Seasonal Maintenance pages online.

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