Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spring Break Safety Tips

Spring Break Safety Tips

MT. PLEASANT, Mich.,–– Heading off on a spring break vacation soon? Whether you are on a college break or taking a trip with the family, we want to ensure your safety while you are having fun away from home! Before the relaxation kicks in, it's important to make sure you are prepared for everything along the way. Make this year's trip one to remember and enjoy your time away by following these spring break safety tips:

1. Consider travel insurance.
If you're leaving the country, it may be wise to purchase travel insurance. Most health policies don't cover you if you leave U.S. soil. A good travel insurance policy will cover illness, injury, and emergency evacuation coverage.

2. Embrace the buddy system.
Whether you're headed somewhere close or far away, it's important to always use the "buddy system" in unfamiliar settings. Just because a place may seem safe, doesn't mean it necessarily is. Be prepared and always have a friend or family member with you wherever you venture to.

3. Bring another form of identification.
It's very easy for an ID to get lost or stolen, which is why it's so important to make sure you have some other form of identification with you, whether it be a student ID, old driver's license, or even a copy of your passport.

4. Prepare for the sun.
If you're going somewhere warm, make sure to pack sunscreen and aloe vera, no matter how well you may tan. The sun's rays are very powerful and even if you may think you're okay, there's still a chance you will get burnt. A nasty sunburn or sickness could ruin your whole trip. The same goes for sunglasses. Protect your eyes with the proper UV protection!

5. Avoid staying on the first floor.
Staying in a hotel? Try to refrain from getting a room on the first floor. It is a much bigger target for thieves! Store any valuables you brought with you in a secure location such as a safe.

6. Carry phone numbers and cash.
It's always a good idea to carry emergency cash and phone numbers of cab companies with you at all times. Make sure to include the address of your hotel or place you are staying at with you as well. It's better to be safe than sorry!

7. Do your research.
Read up on where you are going before you leave and pre-arrange transportation from the airport to your destination. The more you are prepared, the easier it will be. It's best to stay alert and know your surroundings ahead of time to ensure you remain safe throughout your entire trip!

It's critical to take the necessary safety measures beforehand no matter where you're traveling to. Making arrangements before and during your stay will ensure a memorable and enjoyable trip. Follow our list of spring break safety tips to help you prepare before you head out to your vacation destination! Taking a road trip instead of flying? Get your vehicle into gear by making sure routine maintenance is performed. If your ride is in need of service, schedule an appointment with our team before you leave. We are here to make certain your car is ready to handle the road ahead and keep you safe along the way!

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