Monday, August 28, 2017

CMU Game Day Traditions

MT. PLEASANT, Mich.,–– On Thursday, August 31st, Central Michigan University will be kicking off the football season against the Rhode Island Rams! This season is sure to be full of surprises as the Chippewas make use of their new quarterbacks and improved roster. The Central-Western game, Homecoming, and other adrenaline-pumping games will be sure to satisfy Chippewa fans across the country. Take a look at CMU game day traditions and what diehard fans of the famous maroon and gold enjoy throughout the football season!

Battle for the Cannon

CMU Game Day Traditions

Every year, Central Michigan and Western Michigan battle for their annual rivalry game. The winner takes home "The Cannon", a trophy which pays tribute to the two cannons sitting atop Kelly/Shorts Stadium and Waldo Stadium. Last year, Western took home the Cannon, but this year, CMU has made it their goal to reclaim the one-of-a-kind trophy once again. The Central-Western game will take place on the Chips' home turf this year, giving them a chance to beat the Broncos at Kelly/Shorts Stadium once again!

Homecoming Parade

CMU Game Day Traditions

Starting from the football field and ending in downtown Mt. Pleasant, the annual homecoming parade involves the band, color guard, local businesses, student organizations, and more as they make their way downtown! This annual tradition brings out the best in everyone's game day spirits, as candy, maroon and gold themed items are handed out to audience participants. You can even follow the parade through their journey for an unforgettable experience!

Cardboard Boat Race

CMU Game Day Traditions

Every year, the Industrial Engineering students construct cardboard boats and sail them across the Rose Pond on Homecoming for a heated competition to become the reigning champs of the Cardboard Boat Race. The race occurs on the morning of Homecoming and always attracts quite the large crowd. You'll be able to watch students fight, paddle, and push their way across Rose Pond as they try to make it without sinking. You won't want to miss this fun-filled event! 

Kelly/Shorts In-Game Traditions

CMU Game Day Traditions

Kelly/Shorts Stadium is full of in-game traditions, too! With plenty of singalong songs, t-shirt giveaways, and the loud and proud maroon and gold as far as the eye can see, CMU's stadium is full of fun for everyone! These are a few of CMU's best in-game traditions at Kelly/Shorts Stadium:

  • Key Play: During important plays in the game, students and fans will take their keys out and shake them for the entire play to build hype with the audience and team.
  • Cymbal Crash: Many students participate in this tradition, joining along with the band as they crash their cymbals back and forth! The "cymbal crash" is done with an up and down clapping motion to mimic the cymbal crashes.
  • Cannon Shot: Whenever CMU scores in the game, the ROTC students fire a cannon to signify that the Chips are winning the game!
  • Tree Ceremony: Overlooking the stadium itself on Rose Hill, the Bradford Pear tree atop the hill has been the post-game ceremony spot for the marching band during each game day, whether it's a triumphant victory or somber defeat.
  • CMU Fight Song: Everyone, whether diehard fans or first time lovers of the game can enjoy CMU's one-of-a-kind fight song! Learn the song before your next game today:

  • FIGHT Central, down the field,
    FIGHT for Victory, FIGHT, Fellows never yield;
    We're with you, oh Varsity.
    Onward with banners bold, to our colors we'll be true,
    FIGHT for Maroon and Gold, Down the field for C.M.U.!

    VARSITY! Rah! Rah! VICTORY! Rah! Rah!
    CHIPPEWA we're proud of that nickname.
    Hear our song loud and strong,
    CENTRAL is going to win this game!
    Come on and...(Repeat thru "C.M.U.!")

    This year, the Central Michigan Chippewas will only be hosting five home games for the season, spending the rest of their time at away games across the country. If you're planning on heading to Kelly/Shorts Stadium this year, make sure you follow these CMU game day traditions to make the most of your time during this upcoming season! Find out how Graff Mt. Pleasant involves itself within the Central Michigan community and how they give back to the amazing town of Mt. Pleasant. While you're at it, stop by our dealership to get a great deal on a new vehicle to start the college season off right this year!

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